A Planned Response

At approximately 4:55 PM on July 19th 2018 an F3 Tornado ripped through the streets of Marshalltown, Iowa. The Marshall County Courthouse obtained a direct hit.  The top of the clock tower was promptly removed. The damage didn't stop there. The structural damage was obvious but much of the extensive damage was caused by water after the initial impact. 

So what happens after a natural or man made disaster hits a county courthouse?  How were records stored?  How were digital systems backed up?  How many records were lost never to be recovered?

As a steward of the people's data we have to plan for disaster. In just a matter of seconds; years of data can be lost.

County Binders Inc provides services that can help you recover from a disaster. The time to plan for a disaster is now; don't wait for the disaster to occur before you think about hardening your disaster recovery plan.


  • Microfilming for Long Term Archival Storage.
  • Scanning & Digitizing your Records for Computer usage.
  • Indexing your digital images to meet your Individual needs.

Tornado Data In Marshall County Iowa