"Completed with pride"

Hinge and Full Page Lamination:

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Hinged Laminate: Used when pages are removed from bindings and Paper fibers are still strong.

Full Page Lamination is used when the fibers in the Paper are weak. 

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Hinging can be used for easy page removal for copying.

34056_0334056 04

Full Page Lamination used when pages are brittle and pages are easily removable.

Pages in need of restoration
Plat book before restoration
Pages after restoration
Restored Plat Book

Archival "Mylar" encapsulation for your documents. Any sheet size available.

Plat Cabinets 234056 04PlatCabinets1

Special Dry Mount Encapsulation, applied when documents need to be accessible and have intrinsic value. 


A record book that is in need of restoration.

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A Completely restored Record Book.

Plat Cabinets 2

Completely restored record books. 

34056 04

Recovering and repairing of Record Books. 

A Rebinding * Restoring * Recovering of Record Books.

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Plat Map Damaged by Older Style Vinyl Envelope. Solution: Convert to Mylar Envelope and or Archival Material Envelope(s).

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Plat Envelopes with Indexing system

Maps or Plats are easily copied and viewed 
in an Archival Envelope


Tabbing: Custom made to your specifications.

Completed Restoration work of Indexes

Completed Restoration Work on Index Record Books.