Established 1981

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County Binders - About Us

"We at County Binders realize the importance of Preserving your County Records Properly."

We Utilize:

  • The Best Traditional Methods & Highest Quality Materials in the Record Book/Refinishing & Restoration Process.

  • Microfilming: We meet the established ANSI/ISO Archival Microfilming Requirements/Standards and can make a working copy (Diazo Film) from your permanent Silver Halide film.

  • Scanning of all sized documents

  • Digitizing of Images for computer usage

  • Conversion of Microfilm/Microfiche Cards/Microfiche film to Digital Images

Scanning & Digitizing:

  • High resolution DPI for Scanning of all sized documents

  • Utilizing the Highest standards for Conversion Technology and Equipment

  • High resolution camera for Digitizing of images for computer usage

This commitment means that “ALL” your Older & Present County Records will be usable/available for Today's and Future Generations.

From the Maryville Daily Forum

Published July 20 2017

Written by Tony Brown

County preservation effort goes by the book