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County Binders - Archival Paper

Enduro Archival Paper is the national standard for permanent records. Enduro is continuing to meet the highest standards for acid free archival paper. The paper contains an alkaline buffer for maximum resistance to deterioration. This is the clear choice for permanent records.

These 100% cotton ledger papers are watermarked with the year of manufacture, providing an unchangeable date stamp on the document to assist in providing chronology or document authentication.

Enduro Linen Record Ledger papers meet:

  • The standards and requirements of the National Archives and Record Administration

  • ASTM specification: D3290 as maximum permanence, high referral papers.

  • All State standards

Enduro Xerographic 100% Cotton (Rag) paper is specifically designed for permanent records. Xerographic papers are ideal for photocopying. All papers are cut to size with your choice of hole punching.

Four weights of paper: Sub. 24, Sub 28, Sub 32, Sub 36.

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